Bring a new Interactive experience to your Discord Server

Plenty of Features to interact with Murder Miners. Check for game lobbies, armor styles, maps, and much more!
Miner Bot 2.0
  • Step 1

    Invite Miner Bot to your Discord, click on the "Invite Miner Bot" button below. Allow all or choose permissions for Miner Bot.

  • Step 2

    Setup your bot channel(s).
    We recommend creating an Armor, Maps, Lobbies, and Announcements channels.

  • Step 3

    Setup Notifications with Slash Command "/admin set_channels"
    Preferably, in an Admin channel, choose channels for notifications.

Miner Bot 2.0 Slash Commands

Streamline your Murder Miners Experience.... more coming soon!

  • /admin announce 


    – Creates an announcement. Admin Only.

  • /admin set_channels





    – Sets Channels for Notifications. Admin.

  • /armor list

    (Optional) helmet-type

    – Gets a list of all armor styles. Optionally, filter by helmet type.

  • /armor lookup


    – Find the armor style you are looking for. Use /armor list to find all armor styles.

  • /maps latest

    – Returns the 5 detailed results of the most Newst Maps on the Murder Miners Workshop.

  • /maps lookup 


    – Returns a detailed result of the Murder Miners Workshop Map Link you provided.

  • /more info

    – More Info and Credits about Miner Bot

  • /more steam_id


    – Returns all Steam ID formats for the supplied steam profile.

  • /murder-miners lobbies

    – Finds all Lobbies currently publically open in Murder Miners.

Miner Bot 2.0 Permissions

Permissions Miner Bot needs to function.

  • Add a bot to a server

    – To Add Miner Bot to your server.

  • Create Commands

    – Allows Miner Bot to Add Slash Commands in to your discord server.

  • Manage access to its commands in a server

    – Lets Miner Bot to make changes to its Slash Commands.

  • Administrator

    – Optional, to message your administrators on new updates, alerts. Some Bot Features use this.

Unique Features of Miner Bot

We are constantly adding new and unique features to Miner Bot to enhance the experience.

  • 01.

    Armor Style Look Up

  • 02.

    Search Game Lobbies

  • 03.

    Workshop Map Interactions

  • 04.

    Game Chat to Discord

  • 05.

    Channel Notifications for New Armor, New Maps, & New Lobbies

  • 06.

    Steam ID Finder

  • &..

    More comming soon!

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